Mario Batkovic - Introspectio Release Day

The new album 'INTROSPECTIO' by Mario Batkovic is out today on all formats and digital platforms. 

The record features collaborations with James Holden, MXLX, Clive Deamer and Colin Stetson.

Available on Black vinyl / Limited Gold Vinyl / CD  directly from Invada Records.


Today marks the release of the third single by Mario Batkovic, taken from his new album ‘INTROSPECTIO’ which is being released tomorrow on Invada Records.

The third single ‘PRIMORDIUM FINALE’ is the only solo accordion track by Batkovic on the record. The video features original footage of Buenos Aires shot specifically for the video, taken during the first wave of the COVID pandemic.

You can listen to the track and also watch the video HERE.

Mario Batkovic - New single, video and Le Guess Who announcement

Today marks the release of the second single by Mario Batkovic, taken from his new album ‘INTROSPECTIO’ which is being released on 3rd December via Invada Records.

The second single ‘REPERTIO’ is a collaboration with MXLX and Clive Deamer, drummer with the bands Portishead and Radiohead.

You can listen to the track and also watch the video HERE.

We are also very happy announce that Mario will be returning to Le Guess Who festival in Utrecht to perform on Friday 11th November.

Mario played there in 2017 when the event was curated by James Holden, who has also collaborated with Mario on his new album.

Mario Batkovic - New album, single and video announcement!

Today marks the release of the first single by Mario Batkovic, taken from his new album  ‘INTROSPECTIO’ which is being released on 3rd December via Invada Records.


The first single ‘CHOREA DUPLEX’ is a collaboration with the English electronic musician James Holden.


You can listen to the track and also watch the video HERE.

Interview with Fondation Cartier, Paris

Mario was interviewed by Fondation Cartier when he was recently in Paris.

The interview can be viewed by following the link below.

Mario Batkovic - Interview

Mario Batkovic - Online Live Streaming Performance, Fondation Cartier, Paris

On Friday 12th February, Mario Batkovic will be performing live in Paris as part of the 'Nomadic Night' series, organised by Fondation Cartier in Paris.

The event will be live-streamed on their Facebook and Instagram accounts at 9pm (France) / 3pm (United States, East Coast).

'I AM THE TIGRESS' - New documentary score by Mario Batkovic

'I Am The Tigress' is a new film by Dino Osmanovic and Philipp Fussenegger. The feature is an observational style documentary that follows the journey of protagonist Tischa “The Tigress” Thomas during the last year of her career as an African American female bodybuilder.

More details can be found HERE.

You can watch the trailer HERE.

Mario Batkovic - BEAK> ‘Life Goes On’ EP

Beak> have announced full details for their forthcoming ‘Life Goes On’ EP.  The four-track EP features the recently released title track which was inspired directly from a recent trip to Mexico City when the band awoke to the sound of a distorted young girls' voice bellowing across the city. The band share two brand new tracks “We Can Go” and "Minus Pillow".


Mario was invited to do a cover version of the BEAK> track  "Allé Sauvage" from their last album. Mario recorded the track in one take at his studio in Bern. The cover version appears on the BEAK> EP which is out on Invada records on June 21st.

Mario Batkovic - ARTE

The renowned cultural programming institution that is ARTE recently made a short documentary on Mario Batkovic. The feature was broadcast in April 2019, but you can still catch it over at the ARTE website >> HERE!


Today sees the release of the highly anticipated video game 'RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2' by Rock Star Games. Mario Batkovic contributed an original music score to the game. More information can be found on the Rock Star Games website.


This week Mario is recording at the Invada Studio in Bristol for his forthcoming EP. He has already recorded several tracks with the British electronic musician James Holden in London, which will feature on the EP. This week he is working with Clive Deamer (drummer with the bands Portishead, Get The Blessing and Radiohead), and Matt Williams, one of the founding members of the band Beak>. The EP will be released on Invada Records in 2019 on vinyl.

"ROLLING STONE" 20 Best Avant Albums of 2017

No 9.

"Bosnian-born accordion hypnotist Mario Batkovic is a cyclicing minimalist, culling mesmerizing melodies and sounds from a lone squeezebox. Not content to be just another post–Philip Glass loopster, Batkovic uses a close microphone set up, allowing the clicks and clacks of the keys to be part of his sound world, creating delicate (“Restrictus”), frantic (“Machina”) and deep-droning (“Desiderii Patriae”) music with the formal feel of classical but the closeness of indie rock."



He brings the cycling, repetitive pulses of minimalist composers to raw solo performance, creating a sparkling world of hypnotic melodies and resonating sounds. Miked so you can hear the intimate clack of buttons, it’s a stunning marvel of see-sawing melodies and warm wheezes.

"Rolling Stone"

Get it Here CD & 2 x LP Invada Records

Mario Batkovic - Line of Best Fit

There is a feature on Mario Batkovic today in The Line Of Best Fit. There is a premiere of the track 'Quatere', and also the announcement that the new eponymous Mario Batkovic solo album will be released in March 2017 on Invada Records.


Liebes Publikum... Die Neue CD ist da und ab 29.01 im Handel erhältlich!

THE SWALLOW | SOUNDTRACK (ein Film von Mano Khalil) Vorbestellung hier:

BATKOVIC SOLO | Batkovic erhält 2015 den Anerkennungspreis des Kantons Bern...Fünf verschiedene Konzerte, selbe Stadt, innerhalb 6 Monaten,  alle Ausverkauft.Vielen, Vielen Dank. Das Batkovic Solo Album Gibt’s auf folgenden Portalen und in Geschäften.

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